What Our Clients Say

"Viktoriya was very thorough and compassionate! She truly takes the time to address your needs and answer any questions! I also like the support I have received after our consultations, I always feel comfortable to ask her questions and seek support. I felt more confident that I was doing all I could for my little one. I truly don't think I could have made it through the first four weeks of breastfeeding without the consultations and now I am going on 4 months!"

Katy & baby Emmaline (1 week old)

"I felt a sense of relief that I had a plan going forward and also appreciated that Viktoriya made herself available over text for any follow up questions (even months later)! She also checked in with me several times to hear how things were going. Strong listening and interpersonal skills as well as the knowledge and experience to back up recommendations - is what I liked the best!"

Laura R & baby Kate (1 month old)

"Viktoriya helped me deal with my daughter’s latch and pain I was experiencing due to her tongue tie. She immediately made me feel comfortable when she arrived and was very clear on the process throughout the entire consultation. By the end of the consultation I felt empowered and was informed on the options of dealing with the tongue tie. Viktoriya is a great listener!"

Kathy J & baby Norma (3 weeks old)

"I felt wonderful because I was able to give precious milk to my baby for a year while my goal was only 6 months. Lactation Consultants at Corporate Breastfeeding Support helped me resolve all my issues and my breastfeeding goal was exceeded. Very personal approach is what I liked the best!"

Julia S & baby Kristina (2 months old)

"Viktoriya is amazing! Not only is she an amazing lactation consultant and very knowledgeable on the subject but she’s super sweet, kind and very patient. She is also calm and always open to answering questions.
I felt great after her visit and it helped me double the duration of my breastfeeding journey. Patience, knowledge and non-judgmental support is what I appreciated the most!"

Brittany K & baby Danika (2 months old)

"Loved working with Viktoriya Yurkovetskiy and would definitely recommend her to friends and family! Viktoriya was very responsive. I called her in the morning and she was able to come see us that afternoon. She was professional, friendly and knowledgeable, which helped me feel a lot more confident and calm."

Natalya K & baby Roman (6 weeks old)

"Viktoriya really listens and then applies her magic skills of a lactation consultant. I felt much calmer and less helpless after her visit. After talking to Viktoriya I saw the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. I really liked how professional, knowledgeable, and approachable she was."

Veronika A & baby Oliver (9 months old)

"My consultant Viktoriya has helped me a lot. We worked on low supply, sore nipples and baby’s low weight. She gave me advice and wrote a plan of care that helped me improve my breastfeeding , increase the amount of milk and make it more comfortable.
She also helped me with leasing a pump that made my breastfeeding process easier and faster. Viktoriya is very responsive. She is always available and answered all my questions and concerns. She suggested several options of working on a problem, so I could choose the one appropriate for me."

Ekaterina P & babies Valeria (2 years old) and Alexander (9 months old)

"I felt like I got support that I needed so badly in the moment of my personal crisis. I definitely felt relieved having a knowledgeable advice provided by consultants at Corporate Breastfeeding Support. I loved their individual approach and ability to find alternative know-how’s that helped resolve the issue (clogged duct).
Consultants I worked with were caring and supportive, and followed up with me the next day to see how I’m doing. I liked the immediate support I was able to get. The professional approach and all the right questions were asked. I felt in good hands right away to say the least, as my issue got resolved fairly quickly. I will be happy to come back if I need to!"

Kat R & baby Sasha (2.5 months old)

"I loved that the consultant I worked with was bilingual. She is super nice and knowledgeable, which made me feel comfortable and supported. I also appreciated the flexibility of being able to work around my older kids' schedules. Highly recommend Corporate Breastfeeding Support. They are experts in all return to work and pumping matters!"

Tina R & baby Luke (8 months old)

"Viktoriya was an incredible consultant who set me up on a great path throughout my nursing journey. With my first baby I only nursed for a couple months and I was determined to do it differently the second time around and nurse for a year and Viktoriya made it possible!"

Iren K & baby Sophie (5 days old)

"Viktoriya was an incredible consultant who set me up on a great path throughout my nursing journey. With my first baby I only nursed for a couple of months and I was determined to do it differently the second time around and nurse for a year and Viktoriya made it possible! I loved her eagerness to help. She is extremely knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable by creating a nurturing environment around me."

Iren K & baby Sophie (5 days old)

"I was so happy with the results, support and the resources that was given to me during my whole process! I loved the before and after weighing, and how well they described everything to me. Everyone at Corporate Breastfeeding Support was so supportive and their response times are amazing! "

Nicole L & baby Liam (7 months old)

"I appreciated attentiveness and empathy, as well as personal approach, willingness to listen and provide advice any time of the day. I felt less stressed and well taken care of after the consultation. A bonus feature is that they accepted my insurance!"

Olga H & baby Alexander (prenatally and 2 weeks old)

"I loved how Viktoriya took the time to explain in detail all the possible reasons for my baby not being able to latch. She gave me advice on bottle feeding technique that I’ve never heard before even though this is my 2nd baby. This technique was very helpful and my husband was able to use it too. Overall, she was very professional, taking time to listen and address all my questions, provided a clear plan for our work and expectations, even though all support was provided via telecom.
I’m very excited to share that with Viktoriya’s help I was able to not only solve latching issue but also move on to exclusive breastfeeding. My baby hasn’t touched the bottle for almost a month now. I’m very thankful for the help and advice I’ve received from Corporate Breastfeeding Support."

Natalie M & baby Emma (1 week old)

"Lactation Consultants at Corporate Breastfeeding Support are very sweet, kind, patient and always available to talk to openly. They are very empathetic and confident in their suggestions and advice. They always try to approach the issue from different angles in order to assist the best way possible all the while making sure both baby and mom are comfortable."

Elena Z & baby Graciella (5 months old)

"I am so grateful to Viktoriya for her professionalism, competence, patience, understanding and support with breastfeeding. Our Baby is gaining weight well now, I always have milk in reserve and do not worry about it. I always got answers to my questions, even if they were not related to feeding, but just maternal worries. Viktoriya has a great personality, lots of patience and love for babies."

Liubov S & baby Maxim (3 days old)

"I met Viktoriya through my employer's corporate lactation support program. She was very friendly, polite and patient. She is always eager to help. Every time I had a question I was getting a well-researched answer. Thanks to the help and support I received from Corporate Breastfeeding Support my return to work adjustment was smooth and pleasant!"

Gulnara J & baby Michael (2 months old)

"The consultant I worked with at Corporate Breastfeeding Support was very patient and discussed all the items I was worried about. She put together a plan and explained everything. Also, she answered all my messages right away and followed up with me periodically to check if everything was fine.
I felt great and I think that every mom should meet with a lactation consultant if she is struggling with breastfeeding. I failed at breastfeeding my older son and used formula. Now I am breastfeeding exclusively thanks to the help and support I got from Corporate Breastfeeding Support."

Olga L & baby Svyatoslav (prenatally and 5 days old)

"Viktoriya was always available and ready to help. Her professionalism, willingness to help, kindness and having lots of connections and recommendations for the other specialists we needed during that time - is what I loved about working with Viktoriya."

Galiya L & baby Ollie (3 months old)