Lactation Consulting Services

Breastfeeding should not be a lonely journey!

We realize how important it is to get timely lactation help and we can't wait to help you and your little one(s). 

We can see you in the comfort of your home, at your place of work or virtually.

We offer 30 minute virtual mini-consults and 90 minute consultations (virtual and in-person).

Most major insurance plans accepted.  

30 Minute Mini-Consult Is:

virtual (you'll get the link to the meeting after you schedule)

designed to address any breastfeeding-related questions

not designed to substitute a comprehensive 90 minute consultation

90 Minute Consultation Includes:

1.5-hour consultation (virtual or in-person) that includes medical and birth history intake, observation of the feeding, transfer weight measurement, oral exam, addressing all issues and concerns

√ comprehensive Plan of Care

√ all necessary phone and text follow-up 




Our Areas of Expertise:

prenatal education 

baby's poor weight gain 

baby not latching 

breast/bottle refusal

how to increase milk production


induced lactation

nutrition in pregnancy and lactation 

lactation during pregnancy

lactation supplements

plugged milk ducts and mastitis resolution and prevention 

nipple damage and breastfeeding pain 

tethered oral tissues (tongue tie, lip tie, buccal ties)

thrush and other breast conditions 

flow preference (nipple preference/confusion)  


solids introduction 

baby-led weaning 

pumping breast milk

renting or purchasing Symphony pump

return to work

lactation accommodation in the workplace  

breastfeeding in public

lactation suppression/weaning

lactation help online/online lactation consultant services