About Corporate Breastfeeding Support

Corporate Breastfeeding Support takes exceptional pride in its team of experts. Our services are delivered by a distinguished team of lactation consultants, project managers, business consultants, dietitians and construction crew members. We work together to provide a wide range of high quality family-friendly business solutions.

Family-friendly business solutions

Our founder, Viktoriya Yurkovetskiy, MBA, IBCLC, CLEC, first recognized the growing demand for well-organized corporate lactation support programs in Colorado when, as a new working mother, she faced the lack of understanding, support and accommodation of her breastfeeding goals on the part of her employer.

Realizing that a well-planned corporate breastfeeding support system can provide a huge competitive advantage, as well as considerable economic benefits to any organization, Viktoriya put together a team of professionals and started Corporate Breastfeeding Support.

Her BA in Education and MBA degrees and extensive corporate employment experience equipped her with an exceptional understanding of current business needs and challenges. Her CLEC (Lactation Educator Counselor) and IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) education and training give her the skills and knowledge necessary for building an effective lactation support system.

Viktoriya's clinical knowledge and expertise range from providing prenatal care and support to expecting families to assisting them with preventing and resolving breastfeeding challenges early on and throughout their journey, including planning return to work. Viktoriya has completed IBCLC Master Class training in oral habilitation leading to and following the release of tethered oral tissues (ties).

All our IBCLCs bring to the table their valuable insight into the needs and challenges of nursing mothers returning to work. Together we succeed in our mission – delivering family-friendly business solutions our clients love!

From the first consultation all the way to the program assessment and feedback stage, we put a lot of effort into tailoring the program to the needs of our clients. We help our clients meet federal and state legal requirements, while being mindful of their budget.

There are many aspects that go into the creation of a well-rounded corporate breastfeeding support program. We cover all of them from needs assessment, room planning, equipment rental and maintenance to education, support and lactation consulting services. We work with company leaders, managers and employees to deliver the services they need. We don’t just design lactation programs; we create family-friendly work environment!