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HR After Dark Podcast

Corporate Breastfeeding Support with Willis HR on family-focused corporate culture. "Compliance issues, accommodation assistance and other breastfeeding-related issues that come up in the workplace were discussed. Important work done by Corporate Breastfeeding Support to help organizations stay on top of legal requirements and employees’ needs." March 2, 2021


Corporate Breastfeeding Support ShoutoutColorado

Viktoriya Yurkovetskiy, MBA, IBCLC, CLEC for ShoutoutColorado: "Benefits evolve and employees expect more, while employers use benefits packages to gain competitive advantage. While making sure the new parent has a private space where to express breast milk seems like providing everything that parent needs, there are so many other factors that play a role in milk production, as well as successful milk extraction." February 16, 2021


Corporate Breastfeeding Support on Voyage

Corporate Breastfeeding Support Interview for with Viktoriya Yurkovetskiy, MBA, IBCLC, CLEC, walking us through the story of starting Corporate Breastfeeding Support and the journey that brought the company to where they are today. November 18, 2019


OnFire Ignites Interview with Viktoriya Yurkovetskiy, MBA, IBCLC, CLEC, Founder & CEO of Corporate Breastfeeding Support telling her story of looking back and learning from the days of starting the company. October 25, 2020


Corporate Breastfeeding Support on CallumConnects