Mom & Baby Essentials Gift Box

At Corporate Breastfeeding Support we are passionate about providing excellent breastfeeding support to families and empowering them to return into an inclusive and supportive work environment. 

Mom & Baby Essentials Gift Box was created with the idea in mind that not everyone knows what a family needs when a baby is born, but everyone wants to get them "something nice". 

We did the job of selecting products for you. We hand pick our vendors and work exclusively with the makers of natural and organic products. To name a few, we are honored to offer products by Bobo's, Green Goo, Aina Hanau, Touch of Nature, Pariday, and doTERRA.

Gift Box comes in 2 sizes. Standard Box includes essentials for mom and baby, as well as educational handouts and resources. Premium Box is the ultimate all-in box that includes all the products and educational materials. 

Mom & Baby Essentials Gift Box


Saving you hours browsing and shopping around looking for gift ideas, Mom & Baby Essentials Gift Box provides all must-haves and feel-good items that your employee, colleague or friend needs. 

Why Get THE BOX?

- conveniently available in two sizes (standard and premium)

- all items hand-picked by our lactation and baby care specialists

- local organic and natural makers delivering the best 

- we researched and shopped around so that you don't have to

- a hand-written card with your message and signature is included

- delivering locally (Colorado) and shipping anywhere in the US

- deluxe contents with beautiful presentation 


What's Included:

Depending on the size you order (standard or premium), your Gift Box will include some or all of these items:

·        nursing balm 

·        hand balm 

·        baby balm 

·        soothing breast gel packs

·        baby bath herbal mix

·        hand and body soap

·        prenatal and postpartum sitz bath

·        fourth trimester tea (to help with milk supply and postpartum anxiety)

·        our SIGNATURE privacy door hanger 

·        essential oils 

·        yummy snacks 

·        cutesy outfit for the little one

·        educational and return-to-work handouts and resources

and much more - it's always the perfect mix of YUMMY, HEALTHY, and TRENDY

And we'll include some freebies for your ultimate delight!